Micro-Needling with or without PRP

Micro-needling devices are used to tighten, smoothen, and revitalize damaged skin. It may be used to treat acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, or surgical scars.

Micro-needling employs a spring-loaded micro-needle tip that allows for safe, automated treatment. Controlled needle depth and stroke speed make it perfect for different types and areas of skin. The micro-needles are small enough to target even the toughest areas to reach.

A mesh-like network of collagen makes up our dermal layer of skin. When our skin is damaged, our body creates new collagen fibers to replace damaged skin. This regenerated skin, however, has a less elasticity than normal, healthy skin. Reduced elasticity can result in the formation of scars.

The automated spring-loaded tip uses a stamp-like motion to cause selective micro-injuries to affected skin, which helps promote collagen production and restructuring of the skin in treated areas. Newly formed collagen strengthens the dermis, which reduces scars, lines, and tightens loose skin.

After a micro-needling procedure, recovery time can be as short as one day for some and up to several days for aggressive treatments. Typically, there are no side effects but in some cases mild redness can occur for a few hours. For more information or to schedule a micro-needling consultation please contact us at (718) 728-3376.