Hair Restoration

Hair restoration three months after monthly platelet rich plasma treatments.

Are you suffering from hair loss?

Are you looking for the perfect treatment to help grow back your own natural locks? Well look no further! Rose Dermatology now offers a complete evaluation for hair loss, which includes an in-depth medical work up and treatment options for regrowing your own hair. All treatment plans are personalized for each individual patient and are non-surgical. Once your evaluation is complete we decide together which treatment options are best and you decide which you want to pursue. We have a number of options including procedures such as nutraceuticals, over-the-counter treatments, topical prescriptions, medications you can take by mouth and procedures.

Our most successful procedure uses your own blood to restore hair. This treatment requires that we draw a tube of your own blood and spin it down to separate the part rich with growth factors from the cellular component of your blood. We then inject the growth factors it into your problem areas. You may be able to see results as early as a few weeks after your first treatment. Your hair starts to grow back and it continues to grow with each treatment thereafter.

Remember, growing hair is a marathon, not a sprint. We develop long term relationships with our hair restoration patients. Call us or complete the form below to schedule a consultation to start your hair restoration journey!