Before and After Photos

Acne and Discoloration Treatment

Acne / discoloration treated with a topical medication regimen and three silkpeels dermalinfusions.
Acne and discoloration one month after the start of a topical medication regimen and one chemical peel.
Acne / Discoloration treated with a topical medication regimen and three Silkpeel dermalinfusions.
Rosacea before and after a simple medication regimen and 1 session of laser Genesis.

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scars Before and after one session microneedling.
Acne scars before and two weeks after micro needling.

Botox Treatment

Dr. Rose's bespoke Performers Botox , allowing for movement, but softening hyperactive muscles. ( for more information see our blog)
Treatment of the forehead before in two weeks after neurotoxin(Botox) treatment.
Relaxation of a gummy smile using neurotoxin ( Botox).

Brown Spot Removal

Before and after brown spot removal using lasers.
Before an after brown spot removal using electrodesiccation.

Hair Restoration

Restoration of the hairline using platelet rich plasma injections.
Increase in thickness of hair one month after platelet-rich plasma injections.

Lip Augmentation

Before and after liquid with nose job.
Before and after liquid nose job.
After one syringe of lip filler

Liquid Nose Job

Before and after one syringe lip filler.
Before and after 1 syringe of lip filler.

Vein Removal

Before and 4 weeks after 1 treatment with laser for vein removal ( 3 sessions are recommended).
Before and six weeks after 1 laser session ( 3-6 sessions are recommended).